Our Services

ATM Shifting, Installation & Storing

STL Movers is the leading ATM shifting team in the region. We will provide you with the fastest, most efficient, energy sustainable, and sophisticated ATM shifting. The Movers team consists of well-trained:

1-    Driver and crane operator.

2-    Two trolley operators.

3-    Standby engineer.

4-    Standby civil Worker.

Since ATM shifting is an extensively inconstant task, with many variables that may arise on the spot; a well-oriented and trained team is a must to help us accomplish the task as efficiently and as fast as possible. This has also helped us be accident free from day one up until this moment. Our solutions include:

1-    Fascia adapters

2-    Wall openings modifications

3-    Electricity work

4-    ATM branding

5-    ATM storing

All the above extra works and more can be accomplished by a single team, this will release you from any subcontractors or contractor requirements that you may need at the site since STL will be your single destination for all work.