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Second Line Maintenance Service (SLM)

For routine SLM, Technicians are always available and only a simple phone call away- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Our response time has been proven to be the fastest in the region. As the ratio of engineers to ATMS is very low.

Second Line Maintenance Agreements (SLM)

Our SLM Agreements provide extensive coverage for your ATM repair needs due to equipment failures. Our Technicians are committed to maximizing your ATM uptime. Our SLM Agreement covers:

  • Four annual preventative maintenance inspections
  • Corrective and repair service calls as needed
  • Travel costs.
  • Parts, as needed
  • For annual Contracts we provide UNLIMITED FREE ATM RENTALS.*
  • Competitive T & M (Time and material Services)**

ATM SHIFTING: Our second biggest division in the company is the ATM and KIOSKS shifting department.

  • All of our shifting staff are trained and experienced professionals
  • The movers are always accompanied by an ATM technician to avoid any mistakes and anticipate any accident.
  • STL provides short-term and long term ATM storing in our three, completely secure and insured warehouses.
  • STL movers team has the training and education to do any kind of minor civil work in the site if required.


  • STL has multiple teams divided in the different emirates dedicated to our ATM cleaning services.
  • The special kind of chemicals used in the cleaning of the ATMs are completely safe for the costumers and the environment.
  • STL pioneers in the ATM painting services; your ATM will always look as good as new with our professional, experienced painters working on it.
  • Live on-line picture will be updated weekly on STL website for your reference.





*Terms and Conditions apply

**Our same Technicians that provide service under our SLM Agreements will gladly take care of your ATMs on a T&M basis.