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Payroll Cards & WPS

As issued by UAE Ministry of Labor - Ministerial Resolution No. 788, WPS or (Wage Protection System) is compulsory for all employers registered with the Ministry of Labor. All applicable companies are expected to perform all salary payments for employees with our without bank accounts through this WPS system.

Smart Technology can assist train and ensure that all companies must register in the WPS system and ensure they understand their responsibilities regarding this new change.

Smart Technology will ensure that your business should provide its payroll instructions in the specified file format as instructed by the Bank & the Ministry of Labor.

  • Provides all potential Clients with the necessary bank forms and applications related to the salary card services
  • Leads in dealing with all potential clients and provide the necessary assistance to understand the procedures and fee breakdowns related to the bank services
  • Ensure all documents related to salary card services have been fully completed as per the bank standards and requirements, the completed forms are to be submitted to the right department within the bank
  • Hand over the necessary card creation software to the approved client and provide the necessary technical support related to that software
  • Coordinate with the approved client and submit the completed forms/applications generated through the card creation software to the bank
  • Handle the collection of PIN and salary Cards provided by the bank. The card to be distributed to the client's employees by us, in accordance to the standards adopted by the bank